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Gerardo Barrera
Supply Chain/Operations Lead

Gerardo Barrera has 30 years of experience in a variety of manufacturing settings both for Automobile, Medical Devices and Consumer Product Industries. Barrera has dedicated his professional life to implement Lean Manufacturing cultures based on the Toyota manufacturing system. A system that he learned by working directly with Toyota as a supplier, where he lead his manufacturing team to win the President’s award.


Barrera has lead engineering, product development, customer service, multi-site and global manufacturing operations, purchasing, warehousing, transportation, quality and regulatory.


Product development initiatives - Barrera has executed many projects from concept to final product, including everything from automobile components to medical devices and accessories. He has been responsible for developing the sourcing strategy and procuring the components, raw materials and/or finish good products. He has experience sourcing both domestically and internationally.


Several opportunities to deploy lean methodologies (CI) have been presented to Barrera to utilize his experiences as a cultural change and team building agent. He has led projects including building new facilities, forming and implementing a lean culture from a white canvas and deploying lean concepts in a unionized facility with over 100+ years in business.


Barrera strongly believes in elimination of waste and continuous improvement. He also believes that in “life as in business you do not get what you deserve, you get what you strive for”. This culture and thought process makes Barrera a natural leader for improving manufacturing operations.

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