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New Path-O-Wrap Helps Protect Patients and Caregivers While Reducing Costs


San Diego, CA, April 9, 2019: MedFire Innovations, LLC and Magniant, LLC are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership to provide the MedFire product line to all first responders, emergency departments and the military healthcare network/hospitals through Magniant’s distribution channels.


Greg Christmas, MedFire Chief Executive Officer, stated, “The goal of Path-O-Wrap is to protect those who protect us. We are excited to partner with Magniant, an established sales and marketing firm that specializes in the healthcare continuum. Magniant’s senior leadership team has significant experience in the acute/pre-acute care, government, long-term care and home care markets- making them the perfect partner to help us to meet our goals.”


“Expanding our portfolio to include the Path-O-Wrap is very personal to us. We believe strongly in the importance of protecting patients, first responders, and caregivers by providing the Path-O-Wrap.” said Robert Crousore, President of Magniant.


The Path-O-Wrap is an innovative medical surface barrier for hospital beds and gurneys designed to protect patients and caregivers, prevent cross-contamination and enhance the life of the surface. Path-O-Wrap is designed to:


  • Protect patients, caregivers and maintenance personnel from blood-born pathogens and other bodily fluids

  • Prevent damage to the surface from harsh cleaning agents while reducing risk and cleaning time

  • Preserve the integrity of the mattress by keeping bodily fluids and other potentially dangerous pathogens away from the mattress


About MedFire

Located in San Diego, CA, MedFire Innovations is a medical device developer and manufacturer. Our flagship product is Path-O-Wrap®. Path-O-Wrap is an inexpensive and innovative barrier product that is ASTM tested, and protects healthcare professionals and patients from cross-contamination on patient transport and treatment surfaces.  


About Magniant


Located in Carlsbad, CA, Magniant provides expertise in brand strategy, contract acquisition and support, marketing research and tactical program development, sales force development and deployment, and sales planning and execution. For more information about Magniant: or



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