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Robert Crousore
Growth Strategy Lead

Robert has 25 years of experience in the health care products sector.  Crousore is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful product and services company exits.  He has held senior leadership roles across the entire business enterprise including Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product Innovation and, most recently, M & A. Mr. Crousore sits on various boards and advises several startup companies.

Most recently he served as Senior Vice President at Joerns Healthcare, a global leader in medical equipment. Crousore has served on the Executive Leadership Team and been closely engaged in the strategy and culture development of multiple healthcare product and services businesses.


Prior to Joerns Healthcare, Crousore was a founder and principal with TriLine Medical, a medical solutions company which was acquired by Joerns Healthcare.  Through his professional life Mr. Crousore has been a patient and customer advocate, visionary product designer and healthcare continuum expert.


Robert has his degree from San Diego State University in Business.

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