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Terri Greulich
Marketing Lead

Terri Greulich is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who partners with CEOs, executives and solopreneurs to gain a better understanding of the market and competitive environment required to grow their brands. Ms. Greulich started her healthcare marketing career with Premier, the nation’s second largest group purchasing organization with over $50 B in annual spend.

Ms. Greulich was hired as the marketing manager for TriLine Medical, a local medical device manufacturer which was acquired by Joerns Healthcare in 2005. During her tenure at Joerns, she provided upstream and downstream marketing for Joerns wound care and service operations lines of business.

While serving on the corporate advisory council for a national non-profit, Ms. Greulich worked closely with key opinion leaders of the wound care industry to provide industry education and advocacy guidance.


Ms. Greulich left Joerns to start her own consulting business and has worked with both domestic and international manufacturers providing strategic marketing and business development support for multi-million dollar brands and startups.


In addition to her strategic marketing experience, Ms. Greulich has in-depth understanding of working with government customers and relationships to help gather valuable voice of customer feedback.


Ms. Greulich studied Marketing and eCommerce at San Diego State University.

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